Sunday, July 30, 2006

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In the US, demand for organic food is outstripping the current supply. America’s appetite for organic food is keeping the supply low. The demand is definitely outpacing the supply. Clif Bar went to Spain for organic almonds.

Food must be grown without bug killers, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics or biotechnology to be categorized as organic. While the organic market is only 2.5 percent currently of the nations food market, the growth is expanding at a very fast pace. Each year the actual growth has been fifteen to twenty one percent. Total food sales have increased two to four percent during this period of time.

Supermarkets in the US are watching this success and rushing out to meet the demand. The Kroger Co, Safeway Inc., and Supervalu Inc., Albertson’s LLC, are selling their own organic brands. Wal-mart stated it would double its organic offerings this year.

Organic Manufacturers are looking outside of the United States for organic ingredients. Europe, Bolivia, Venezuela and South Africa are outpacing the supply grown in the United States. According to The Agriculture Department’s National Organic Program, the United States is importing far more than it exports in the organic food category.

How to fill the gap between supply and demand is a long debate within our booming organic industry. Organic food is a way to improve out food supply, the environment, and help small farmers in their business.

Organic food is a healthy way to eat. Do your due diligence to determine how you chose to eat.

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