Monday, August 07, 2006

food nutrition : Eliminate the Mystery

These days we are all health conscious. The newest craze is organic food but there are still all of the fad diets and crazy eating schedules such as fast a day, eat a day, fast a day and so on. There is one area however that has always been popular and has a great reason to be popular and that is nutritional supplements. The human body needs certain things to get through the day. Lots of people think that as long as they eat the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats that they are consuming just what they need with no other need for additional nutrients. This is very far from the truth as there are lots of minerals and vitamins that we rarely get from the foods that we eat. Even if we were to eat the perfect seeming diet there are still a handful of things that the body needs to survive that we will be missing. For this reason scientists have worked long and hard to not only identify the exact amount of everything that our bodies need but put it in a form that we can take and benefit from.

If you did actually try to consume the right combination of foods to get all of the right nutrients you would spend your day doing nothing but chomping down on food, many of them not very tasty at all. The nutrition companies therefore spend much of their time working on nothing more than making the supplement palatable. If it is a pill form then they try their best to make it smaller and slide down easier and digest better. For the shake forms they strive to make the product taste as good as a top notch ice cream shake and for the bar form they attempt to make it just like a candy bar. Why is that? We the answer is simple, if it s pain in the rear to take, or tastes like sewage we will not buy it form them and that is bad for their sales. Additionally, if we do not take it we will be deprived of some very important nutrients and that is bad for us.

If you are working on getting your body and mind into better health then be sure to eat the obvious things like proteins and fats and carbohydrates in the right proportions but do not forget the small things like vitamin and minerals as they are just as important if not more so. Find the products that work for you both on the money end of it and the taste and ease end of it. Neglecting this area can lead to serious health issues that my even be irreversible. Study the labels and continue you research in the library and the internet to become as much of an expert as you can. You need not be a doctor or have lots of fancy degrees to know what healthy eating is. Go ahead we dare you to get healthy.

By Jason Montag


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