Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Breakfast for good food nutition

Taking breakfast in the morning is good for ouy body because when we sleep our body metabolism is slow in working and when we wake up in the morning our metabolism start to work as it needs giving you more energy and allowing your body to burn more calories throughout the day. Having good food nutition in the morning is best for our daily life.

Skipping meals does not help you to lose weight. People that eat breakfast regularly tend to be better than people who skip breakfast. Breakfast doesn't have to be a full meal, A hard boiled egg, you can removed the egg york if you did not want your meal to be heavy. Some good cereal or a slice of toast, a glass of orange juice or fresh fruits and a cup of nutrition drinks that will be very good enough.

Cereal selection is very important because cereals puts your blood sugar on the high end. Just a simple carbs such as white bread, bagels, refined grains such as corn and white rice and sugary kids or oatmeals with fresh milk will be very good for breakfast.


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