Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fruits and vegetable the beat food nutrition and help lower the risk of cancer

Most people knows that vegetable and fruits are the best foods nutritions in our daily life. When you consume fruits and vegetable your body absorbs more of the nutrients from them and we even tell our children to eat fruits and vegetables because they contain high concentration of vitamins and minerals.

There has been a great deal of excitements in the scientific community about the possibitity that consuming cruciferious vegetables may lower the risk of cancers.These vegetable are of the Brassica family and include cabbage, cauliflower, kailan, chinese cabbage, pak choy and brussels sprouts. The bioactive compounds in these vegetables known as glucosinolates, are sulphur containing compounds. This compounds has been investigated for the ability to reduce cancer risk, particulars lung and colorectal cancer. Its is believed that grapes can fight heart diseaseas it has found to have bioactive ingredents such as resveratrol.



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