Monday, August 21, 2006

food nutrition : Healthy Nutritious Diet

Choose a healthy nutritious diet and you will learn to live without your disease, not with it.Have you ever wondered why you are told to learn to live with your disease? Would it be possible that you are being set up to become a lifetime consumer of pharmaceuticals? Why would you want to learn to live with your disease, surely you would be desperate to make every effort to live without it.You are being taught to take possession of your disease, its all yours to keep for the rest of your life.

So often you hear people talking about their arthritis, their diabetes, it's as though they gain some unique place in the world by taking possession of their disease in this manner. You may say that by not owning your disease you are in denial, you may need some counselling so that you can learn to accept your disease.This circuitous mode of thinking assures the sufferer that they will continue to suffer, and relief to their disease may only be gained from pharmaceuticals. No thought will ever be given to an alternative mode of treatment, even such a simple one as a change to a healthy nutritious diet.

Discover the benefits to be gained from following a healthy nutritious diet. We appear to be conditioned to accept disease as though it was a natural part of life, whereas health is only available to those lucky enough to have it bestowed upon them. Learn to take responsibility for your present disease state, ask yourself, could your lifestyle have contributed to your disease in some way?

Your arthritis or gout did not just pay you a visit from outer space, your late- onset diabetes did not arrive without your contribution. You have put in years of solid work in order to arrive at your present disease state, it's more than likely that you may have existed on a diet of dead and devitalized food for years, it's just cause and effect, " garbage in, garbage out".The idea of following a healthy diet may have been too much of an effort for you, and yet a looming lifetime of pain and debilitation failed to trigger a change in your dietary indiscretions.

If you then subject your body to further insults by ingesting heavy duty prescription drugs for your condition, then yes, you may have to learn to live with your disease, for by then your condition may be extremely debilitated, and a return to health may pose too much of a challenge for you.

The simple act of changing your diet, may turn your life around, for the better. When you go shopping, buy fresh organic fruit and vegetables, forget the meat, saturated fats, fast foods, pizzas,packaged food with all of the chemical additives, diet sodas, other sodas, cigarettes,and alcohol. If you really want to live without your disease, take charge of your life and make an effort to eat a healthy diet, just this simple baby step may be all that is needed to return you to health.

By Colleen Redman


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