Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our body needs a good and a balanced nutrition

Our body needs a good and a balanced nutrition to stay healthy at all time. For those who are very active in sports or spend many hours in the gym room or other physical activities they needs more nutrition and others supporting food and supplement to make their body going and staying healthy. For a good and balance nutrition our body needs protein, fat and carbohydrates and also components such as vitamin, minerals and enough of water intake to keep healthy.

So understanding the fundamentals of food and balance nutrition and the food pyramid will helps us in balancing our food and to eat healthy. Understand the colors of rainbow. Orange is grains, green is vegetable which our body needs everyday. Red stand for fruits, yellow stand for fats and oil, blue for dairy food and milk and purple for meats,beans ,fish and nuts. If you are a sport people you needs of fats because you burn more calories then people who always stay in the office.

For everyone food intake we had to balance our food nutrition by taking more red and green, more vegetable and fruits, followed by dairy foods, grain and less intake of fat and protein.



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